Brief Introduction

It has always been my experience that starting a new chapter in life is accompanied by thrill and apprehension. Sometimes it can feel like we are walking completely in the darkness; unsure what will be around the next corner. For someone like me who enjoys the comfort of routine, major life changes often take a lot of faith and patience.

I do not have a background in writing. In fact, during high school I was taught to hate it. Being completely turned off to the idea of going into the arts, I decided to pursue my mild interest in Science and Technology. With a little bit of experience in programming and a lot of encouragement from my family. I decided to attend college at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. After four years of hard work and sleep deprivation I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

Being a recent graduate of Computer Science I had a lot of opportunities and companies to choose from. Thankfully, I was quickly hired and started work as a Python Software Developer for as small consulting company. Boundless opportunities awaited me and I quickly discovered my time as a student had not ended. Presently, I still work for the same company.

Now you may be wondering at this point, “What is the new chapter briefly alluded to in the beginning? What is the purpose of starting a blog about walking in faith?

The year 2021 has been a completely unexpected and transformative year for myself and many others. May in particular, was a complete turning point for one simple reason; God answered my prayers for the first time. I’ll go into more detail regarding what and how that prayer was answered later. However, the main point is that it was enough to awaken my spiritual hunger, lead me to my church family, and started me down a new path in life.

Blog Goals

  1. Create a community based in learning new things about God and how we are to live our lives according to His will.
  2. Share personal stories and wisdom on the topic of walking in Faith.
  3. Teach about how important the Bible is for learning about who God is.

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