Whom Do You Serve?

Whom do you serve?

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 (ESV).

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I wanted to encourage you to dedicate yourselves to the Lord. Dedication is a hard thing in our day and age. It is easy to break commitments when something better comes along. However, what could be better than to love Jesus and to be loved by Him?

Our flesh and our spirit are at war with one another. The apostle Paul described this in the book of Romans. The desires of our flesh don’t disappear automatically because of our acceptance of salvation, repentance, or baptism. We all have the sinful nature that we were born with.

To be a follower of Christ means you must deny your flesh every day. The flesh desires to do things that please only itself and to neglect our heavenly Father. Denying the flesh is difficult. Yet, the Lord calls us to sanctification. He wants to set us aside as holy.

We can also choose to induldge the flesh. In this way, we choose to disobey God and to shift our focus to our imperfect nature.

We cannot serve both God and our flesh. We cannot serve two masters (Matthew 6:24). We have to choose if we are going to let sinful nature overwrite our love for our God.

Though I know I will stumble and fall, it is important to call out to God and to ask for His mercies to purify us.

As for me, I want to be set aside as holy. I want to serve the Lord. 

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