Spirit Led Motivation

The end of the year is speeding closer and with it a new begining. I know we still have a few months but the time seems to be passing quickly. With the new year, each of us creates a list of wants and goals. It might look something like this:

1. Loose weight
2. Eat healthier
3. Get a new job
4. Focus more on God
5. Make new friends
6. Write a new book
7. Etc.

However, all too often we find ourselves falling short of those goals. Life gets in the way and time is ever fleeting. Because of this, there is seemingly never enough of it for us to achieve our goals. The truth is, we do have time and plenty of it! The illusion of lack of time is actually a trick by the enemy. He desires to keep us from achieving our goals; especially those given to us by God. The temptation to waste time is always creeping at us.

The Holy Spirit is our greatest tool for handling life and facing temptation. God is our motivator, strength, and companion. When we try to achieve something He is there with us at every step. I realized this recently in my own purpose walk.

I’ve been focusing more on my health this year. I feel motivated in part by my boyfriend but also God. As my relationship with Him has started to grow, He has given me that desire. My body is His temple, and I have to take care of it. In the past, I’ve had mild success with exercise and diet plans but I could never find the motivation to keep going.

This year has been different; mainly because God has given me two revelations! The first is that that my body is not my own it is actually his temple. The second, being that when I exercise God is there with me giving my body the strength to continue.

The Spirit is able to motivate us better than we can ourselves! He also gives us joy while doing something he wants us to. I find myself excited to exercise and less tempted to buy foods that are not good for me. What used to be a dreaded task became an opportunity to walk with God. I often use the time to have quiet conversation with Him or to listen to worship music.

Allowing the Holy Spirit to motivate you can change every aspect of your life! Which means that list of wants or goals we create at the beginning of the year is finally achievable.

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